Would you consider partnering with MarionLIFE as we seek to provide meaningful, flexible and responsive support to people in our community? 

We can’t do this work alone, please consider how you could give meaningful support for the empowerment of people experiencing unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, family breakdown and other challenges to create change in their life. 

We invite you to consider spreading your donation to become a monthly partner to enables us to make budget decisions and helps our work be sustainable. Become a regular supporter by selecting the ‘monthly’ option on the donation page and participating in ongoing development in people’s lives. Your ongoing support will help us deliver our programs like Emergency Relief, Community Meals, Social Connection and Education Courses. Those programs change people’s lives in our community to move beyond the crisis point into hope. 

Together we can provide meaningful support and help people move towards lives that are not just surviving… but THRIVING. 

MarionLIFE Community Services is a is a not-for-profit community organisation that strives to provide meaningful, flexible and responsive care and support to individuals and families in need. As a registered charity donations are tax-deductible.