MarionLIFE Month 2024

For the month of June, would you consider partnering with MarionLIFE during our EOFY Appeal as we seek to raise $50,000 to continue to provide meaningful, flexible and responsive support to people in our community?

We are seeking to raise an average of $1000 per week, this amount will allow us to help ensure that we can cover the expenses of running our centre in the year ahead. Your donation helps people like, Erin*, who attends our Community Meal Program, “This Community Meal is very important to my family. I come very often to enjoy the lovely meal, meet new and old community meal friends.  My kids really enjoy the meal and always feel cared for.  We love attending and love the community, friendship, activities and food.” *Name changed.

Together we can positively impact community members who are courageously facing challenges in their lives, to build upon their resilience and expand their capacity.

We invite you to become a regular donor, donations that are spread out over the year (for example once a month) help our sustainability, allowing us to plan ahead. MarionLIFE is a registered charity, donations are tax-deductible and can be made online, please click here to help us reach our target.

Thank you for supporting us, and your interest in bringing lasting transformation in the local community. If you would like to learn more about getting involved with MarionLIFE, please email us