Budget Support and Financial Counselling

A free Budget Support and Financial Counselling service is provided on site at MarionLIFE by Uniting Communities. If you have concerns about debt and managing your repayments, non-judgmental, qualified and experienced Financial Counsellors can support you with:

  • Negotiating with creditors to set up payment plans.
  • Late payments, such as mortgages, rent, utilities council rate, school fees or other loans. 
  • Keeping your essential utilities connected.
  • Buy Now Pay Later.
  • Debt recovery and court action.
  • Hardship arrangements.
  • Consumer rights.
  • Managing money and setting up a budget. 
  • Bankruptcy information and alternatives.


Referral available through MarionLIFE Emergency Relief Service, or please contact Uniting Communities directly on 1800 615 677 (select option 3) to make an appointment.

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